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Afternoon Bliss, 48″ x 78″ acrylic and oil on acrylic panel, black offset frame, $11.500


Tango Eternity, 47 x 32, acrylic and oil on acrylic panel, black offset frame and brushed aluminum offset panel, $6500

Stuart Yankell’s painting celebrates life and
the common fabric of humanity. Working in
ink, oil, acrylic and digital formats, he
combines abstraction with a kinetic approach
rooted in classical lighting and form that both
embraces historical convention and seeks to
expand the language of art.
For nearly four decades, Yankell has painted a
multitude of musical and dance forms as well
as figurative themes from a broad range of
universal settings. The works are developed
through a combination of on-site painting at
locations throughout the United States and
abroad as well as studio work that
incorporates live models and an exploration of
instinct and imagination. He has long been a
student of Eastern culture and the Martial Arts and his technique reflects a visceral
meditative process.
Stuart Yankell’s paintings seek to portray the balance between movement and rest,
alluding to the still core of the present that transcends time. Viewed up close, the works
are often entirely abstract, undulating with textural variations. At a distance however, the
images crystallize in the mind of the viewer. Moving between realism and abstraction,
Yankell’s painting is about seeing, depicting both the focus and periphery of natural
Drawn from a universe of influences and insights, Yankell’s work has been recognized
for its unique and progressive voice and has been displayed in museums and galleries
throughout the world.