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Far Out Kids and Armani’s Aqua For Life Will Deliver Clean Water Systems to the Children of Panama and  Costa Rica  

Far Out Kids will team up with Giorgio Armani’s Acqua for Life, Water One World Solutions, and Fritz Water Vests to deliver water filtrations systems to the indigenous Ngäbe people of Panama and Costa Rica. They will also stage a weekend Benefit of Fashion, Music, Talent and BBQ at the exotic Cascata Del Bosco Resort near San Vito, CR.

All is part of a documentary entitled “Children of the Coffee” produced by Academy and Emmy Award winning producer Gray Frederickson.   The documentary was inspired by humanitarian photojournalist Michele Zousmer, and  based upon the extensive study of and work with the Ngäbe by Dr. Pablo Ortiz. That work spans 30 years.

Last month, Samuel Bistrian of Roma Boots traveled to the Panamanian border to deliver rubber boots to the children of the Ngäbe. He was joined by humanitarian celebrities Ashton Theiss and Danielle Murphree. Bistrian has done 27 boot drops around the world. The boots are essential to keeping parasites from entering the children’s feet and emitting poisonous toxins into the bloodstream.

The end of November, the crew travels back to San Vito to install solar powered water filtration systems to provide clean water to the villages of the Ngäbe. While in San Vito last month there was a Hepatitis A outbreak.  Contaminated water supplies cause widespread diarrhea among the Ngäbe. Dr. Ortiz explains that a water purification system can reduce diarrhea cases from being a leading community health problem to a secondary issue.


Love was in the air at the Roma boot drop at the Panamanian Border. Samuel, Ashton and Danielle were amazing.  The team traveled over 950 kilometers in three days, slept in hammocks, and fitted each child with their own pair of colorful boots in the hot sun.

According to Dr. Ortiz’s records, 98% of the children carry parasites that enter via the feet.  “Treatment and the boots help us to reduce the number of children carrying parasites,” said Ortiz.  “Once inside the child, the parasite’s excrement creates a toxin that works its way through the blood and intoxicates the brain.  They become slow learners. With boots and treatment we can eliminate the parasites.  Also we have found that children with boots are more like to attend school in bad weather.

This was Samuel’s 27th Boot Drop. If you buy a pair of Roma Boots, Samuel will donate one pair to our Far Out Kids. Please buy pair or donate now!

Guatemala Boot Drop Video


Far Out Kids believes that clean water should be a humanitarian campaign on a global scale. Our clean water project was created in light of a simple, yet fundamental, consideration: water is one of the most important elements of life, yet in many parts of the world, access to this essential is a daily struggle.
Some solution we have found for Ngäbe are developed by Water One and Fritz Water Vests. Water One’s  Mobile Wagons are self-contained, light-weight, easy to move, water purification systems capable of producing a continuous supply of clean, safe, good tasting drinking water within minutes of arrival from almost any surface water source.

Their other water filtration system is called Pure2Go. It is a personal water purification system that works in any condition. All of the systems are perfect for the annual migration of the Ngäbe.

Help us deliver clean water systems, by Donating to Water One.  The Code is: FAROUTKIDS.


Oscar and Emmy Award winning producer Gray Frederickson will serve as Executive Producer of Children of the Coffee.  Three of his films have been listed in the Top 10 films of all time by AFI. Gray was involved in all three Godfather movies, and given the Oscar for Godfather II.

Cafe Television will handle the Central American production.  The final edit will be handled by Frederickson and his Oklahoma production team who won the Emmy Award for Best Documentary, Dream A Little Dream, Life and Times of Robert S. Kerr.

Frederickson is currently Artist is Residence at the OCCC Film School. “This project on the children of the Ngabe is a wonderful story,” said Frederickson. “It is a historic clash of civilizations that is honest, inspiring, and heartwarming.”


Award winning songwriter Carol Connors has agreed to write the theme song for our Documentary.  Carol is the lady who gave us Rocky – “Gonna Fly Now.

Connors is one of the woman pioneers of music for film and TV in an industry dominated by men. She has been nominated twice for an Academy Award for Best Original Song, five Emmys, one Grammy and two Golden Globes. Carol holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree at John F Kennedy University of Fine Arts.

At age 16, she was  the voice of the Teddy Bear’s “To Know Him Is To Love Him” written by the famous record mogul Phil Specter. Elvis Presley heard her and immediately wanted to meet that voice. Elvis later became her first boyfriend. Please check out
How much water do you use in a day? It is estimated that many of us use over 100 liters of water every day. But in some parts of the world, 10 liters is a luxury.
Last year Acqua for Life challenged you to live 1 day on just 10 liters of water. If you did the challenge, how long did 10 liters last? If you didn’t take the challenge – get involved this year!  Don’t forget that with 10 liters you will need to drink, use the shower, brush your teeth, wash your clothes, prepare your food, water your garden…it’s not as easy as it sounds

As part of our clean water initiative, we will deliver Watervests to the various Ngabe villages.  Fritz Watervests won the 2017 DuPont Diamond Packaging Innovation Award.

“Often referred to as the achilles heel of the water crisis,” said Dr. Fritz Yambrach,  “we saw how people stress their bodies to transport water on a daily basis and thought about how our backgrounds in packaging technology could improve the process of transporting water over long distances.”

Please Check Out Fritz Watervests

Photography for Social Change

Michele Zousmer is a photographer for social change. She was the inspiration for our documentary “Children of the Coffee”. Her pictorial led us the children of the Ngöbe, who led us to the honorable Dr. Pablo Ortiz, the Treasure of San Vito.
Renowned producer, director and cinematographer, Hector Alfaro Dobles has been selected to produce the Central American segments of Children of the Coffee. Hector has been the CEO of Cafe Television for five years, and has produce many successful show for Costa Rica Television. His current show Fiera is a smash hit.
Erick Lopez is our man in Costa Rica and Panama.  He can do it all.  The whole crew  traveled in his new 14 passenger van for 1000 kilometers and 20 hours with Erick. We got the grand tour of Costa Rica in comfort…the mountains, the pacific coastline, waterfalls, San Manuel Antonio National Park, Jaco, Los Suenos.  Erick is the perfect guide.  Look him up on Facebook.
San Jose’s beautiful Villa Amon Mansion will host a VIP Benefit Party  on October 6 with stars from Cafe Television  to celebrate Dia de la Raza and  to benefit the Children of the Coffee. Villa Amon was built in the late 1800’s as one of the original founding structures for the capital city San Jose. It is still considered one of the most impressive architectural accomplishments in Costa Rican history.

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