AMM featured Charity: The Felix Organization

The Felix Organization was co-founded in 2006by Emmy Award Winning Casting Director Sheila Jaffee and Hip Hop Legend Darryl DMC McDaniels. This unlikely duo are adoptees who met while searching for their birth parents.

They bonded instantly and that same year launched not only the charity but it’s signature program Camp Felix, a summer camp specially designed for youth in the foster care system.

The charity doesn’t stop there. It also helps youth all year round by providing them with life changing opportunities–from dance scholarships to experiencing their rst Broadway play or professional ball game. Since its inception ten years ago, Felix has touched the lives of more than 2,500 children.

“Sheila and I had a dream a decade ago. And now we are amazed and humbled how that dream has turned into a reality. I want these kids to understand that there is no one more special than

them in this world.” Darryl DMC McDaniels.

Michael Reiss: What are your hopes for the next ten years?

Sheila Jaffe: We are just getting started. In the next ten years, Darryl and I envision a Camp Felix in more cities throughout the country. It’s not just about camp, it’s about hope and positive choices that change lives.

If you want to learn more about Felix go to: