AMM Philanthropy Innovation Spotlight: United Way

United Way improves lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good by creating opportunities for all. Their focus has always been on education, income and health—and there name has been synonymous with fighting for people to get better jobs and achieve financial stability, students to graduate high school ready for college and careers, and individuals to lead healthier lives.

But now they are opening their arms to The future of philanthropy. Introducing Philanthropy Cloud, a citizen and corporate social-giving platform launching in summer 2018. United Way and have partnered to introduce a revolutionary new platform that inspires, connects and empowers employees and organizations to maximize their giving power. Philanthropy Cloud is the first-ever global platform that connects employees, customers and partners with the causes they care about the most. A digital solution where corporate and personal social responsibility intersect. Philanthropy Cloud will not only make giving accessible, easier and more effective—it will change the face of philanthropy as we know it.