Antonio Nunziante, between metaphysical and surrealism

Antonio Nunziante, one of the most important Italian artists, last month exhibited in Art Santa Fe, winning three prizes: The Best Artist, The Best Artwork, The Best International Exhibitor.

Nunziante reached his fame in the US in 2013 thanks to three exhibitions in New York City and Sotheby’s auction records in New York, thus becoming one of the most sought- after Italian artists. Many other important international exhibitions followed in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, and Dubai. Currently, 28 of his paintings therefore, along with works by Michelangelo and Raphael, are touring Europe in the art show entitled “Expo Leonardo Da Vinci”. It is a privilege to have Antonio Nunziante, since he has exhibited also along with de Chirico, Picasso, Dalì and Warhol.

Maestro Nunziante has been known in the US since a very young age. The public has immediately realized that it was facing a completely different style from the ones it was familiar with: Nunziante’s artworks convey feelings that strike and amaze the mind of the observer.

His artworks are mainly metaphysical because they are the result of a deep study of this artistic current that had as its pioneer the Italian painter Giorgio de Chirico. Nunziante’s artworks drive us, in a spontaneous way, to discover meanings that go far beyond what the artist has painted. Looking at his works, which are technically perfect and at first sight easy to read, we find out that Nunziante creates, above all, emotions: the subjects of his paintings evoke in us memories or feelings that push us to investigate more deeply the reasons that attract us towards his creations.

Many of Nunziante’s artworks are also surrealistic because, they directly question our unconscious and interpret our dreams, overcoming any barriers.