AMM Philanthropy Spotlight: Agent of Change

AMM: What is your philosophy on philanthropy?

Rachel Goldstein: I believe I was born with a philanthropic gene passed on from my elders. I was always taught to be a ‘giver’ not a ‘taker’. It’s what drove me to start my company with the goal of helping other people. I utilize my event production skills in planning logistics for cause-related and mission driven projects. It feels good at the end of a day’s work knowing I helped people gain awareness for a cause, financially have an easier time from funds that the events raised or simply happier knowing that people care for their needs.

AMM: What are the hopes for your organization for the next 5 years?

RG: I would like to have Agent of Change branded summits where people gather bi-annually to be inspired, to advance their communities and connect with other like-minded individuals.

AMM: What is the most pragmatic approach to charitable events and philanthropic endeavors in this digital age?

RG: There are companies like Greater Giving that provide platforms for ticket purchasing that manage each ticket sale and the auction bidding the night of the event. At the end of an event they give you a report that you can simply hand to the government accounting for every purchase. They are pretty handy if you know how to use their specific system.

There are also companies like who has been a long time partner on many of our events. They have auctions as part of their fundraising initiatives. Charitybuzz sells your auction items for you to their targeted mailing lists and beyond.

Additionally, using social media platforms to promote events help but I must say an individual email to potential ticket buyer really makes all the difference. People want to hear from your heart on why they should support a cause you believe in.

Rachel P. Goldstein is the Founder and CEO of Agent of Change, a company founded solely on the core value of making a difference in people’s lives through its event production, strategic marketing campaigns, and project management. Rachel has worked with extraordinary people making real impacts on today’s culture in areas that are changing the world we live in, such as wellness, peace initiatives, women’s rights, education, political advocacy, social justice, philanthropy and entertainment. Change happens by those who ask for it, and it is Rachel’s fundamental principle to provide those who seek change with the proper tools to achieve it.

Agent of Change is six years old, and has proudly produced a myriad of life-altering events. The rapidly growing company produces events for some of the most acclaimed non-profit organizations, comprised of VDAY, David Lynch Foundation, Tibet House US, Garrison Institute, Define American, The Headstrong Project, Garrison Institute, Equality Now, Team Rubicon, Pencils of Promise, The Blue School, Walkabout Foundation, RUSH Philanthropic Arts Foundation. Agent of Change has seen and generated the growth of so many great names today, including the production of Emerging Women Live and Marie Forleo’s annual Rich Happy + Hot Live conference for three years. The events Agent of Change has produced have raised $60 million + for various charities, which serves as testament to the magnitude of devotion and determination Rachel has for the projects she works on and the people she works with.

Agent of Change has an acclaimed presence within in the wellness industry today. Rachel’s wealth of experience stems from a deep-rooted desire for change in the way the world perceives health and wellness, and as such, has used her skills and abilities in strategic marketing to achieve her accomplishments. Most recently, Rachel served as the Executive Director of the online wellness marketplace app –, making wellness more accessible to people in New York City. She also manages the marketing strategies of Dr. Raphael Kellman of the Kellman Center for Integrative and Functional Medicine, where she produced the 2016 Microbiome Medicine Online Summit with 33 celebrated speakers from various fields of health, medicine, and wellness, which had 65,000 attendees. Rachel has also led literary events for some of today’s most respected health authorities; serving as Campaign Manager and/or produced the launch events for for Dr. Mark Hyman’s New York Times best-seller The Blood Sugar Solution, Alisa Vitti’s WomanCode, Shauna Martin’s Daily Greens, Dr. Neha Sangwan’s TalkRx and Strategic Consultant for Kris Carr’s New York Times best-selling books Crazy Sexy Diet and Crazy Sexy Kitchen.