David Drebin Dreamscapes

Jeff Krauss: What inspired you to become an artist?

David Drebin: Never thought about being an “artist.” I just wanted to explore the relationship with my imagination and creating imagery with tools and materials like cameras, lights, crystal starfire glass, glitter and neons to explore the inner workings of my imagination and this amazing universe that we are lucky enough to occupy for our allotted time alive. I also love making people feel something, anything and hope that my works do that for the viewer.


JK: What charities do you work with? 

DD: Depends on what is going on in the world. We like to donate where help is needed.We’ve donated to everything from health-related causes like Alzheimer’s and Dementia to people in need and everything in between.

JK: Do you donate artwork to them to help raise funds and awareness?

DD: All the time. We get asked on a regular basis to donate to auctions and various charitable causes. We have donated to many charities over the years. If the works can “speak to” and/or inspire another, then our job is done.

JK: What are your biggest passions that inspire your work?

DD: Passionate about life. Mostly, making sure I nurture my imagination otherwise it will betray me and make me sad if I don’t make it happy on a regular basis by catering to it. Also, exploring multiple art forms and getting thoughts, dreams and ideas out of my head and imagination.


JK: What artists have inspired you?

DD: I love anything that makes me feel something whether it is a rainy day, listening to Diana Ross or Van Halen, watching boxing or hockey or seeing an older couple who have been together for fifty years walking in the park. Even young beautiful lovers who flaunt their love on Instagram or having a heated disagreement in public. I believe there are many types of “art” and “artists” that inspire us all, no?

JK: Working on any new projects you can tell me about?

DD: Preparing for our tenth year showcasing multiple art forms (photographs, lightboxes, neon light installations, etchings on glass and photo sculptures) at Art Miami at Art Basel with Contessa Gallery early December, followed by multiple exhibitions and shows worldwide. We just launched our fifth coffee table book published with our exclusive publisher teNeues, a monograph of dreamy city and landscapes from around the world called “Dreamscapes”. We’re also working on high profile collaborations with luxury brands and recently, we’ve had a lot of interest in private commissions of people wanting personal art masterpieces for their collections.

JK: You have a new book that recently came out, Dreamscapes. Tell me about the book and why you had the vision to make this the next installment after Chasing Paradise?

DD: Chasing Paradise is a compilation of signature works including muses and femme fatales caught in an act, as well as,

Tokyo Night

breathtaking city lines, landscapes and beachfronts. Our exclusive publisher teNeues really wanted to publish a book dedicated to dreamy places we’ve travelled to all over the world which resulted in Dreamscapes.  These “dreamscapes” are aspirational destinations such as New York, Tokyo, California, Italy and the French Riviera amongst many others. The book showcases Manhattan’s impressive cityscapes, the stunning beaches of the Amalfi Coast, the bustling energy of downtown San Francisco and the charming boulevards of Paris with the intention of making the viewer dream of being in this magical places.