How did you connect with Lady Gaga?

I’ve been friends with Gaga since 2006, when we were performing at shows in NYC for like 15 people. She’s attended my shows over the years and watched me grow as a songwriter and performer. In the Spring of 2014 she attended a show of ours and came up to me afterwards and said “I think you’re ready to open for me.” Six months later I was on a plane to Stockholm to open on the European leg of the artRAVE tour.

The HBO special was a fun day, she wanted her friends to be in the opening segment where she was casually stopping in a bodega to buy coffee before she drove to Madison Square Garden to perform her final of 5 sold out shows there. I was told to hang out in this bodega, and I hadn’t seen her for like 6 months, and I’m in there looking around for like a half hour. Suddenly without warning she walks in, looking incredible as always, followed by a camera. What you saw is her coming in for coffee, not knowing I was in there, and me not knowing she was walking in, and our authentic excitement to see each other. I love how real she’s always kept it, she’s not afraid for people to know who she is and see who her friends are, and share the spotlight with the interesting people she’s curated over the years. It tells a very authentic story and gives her fan base a lot to latch onto.

I think our music has some parallels, the theatrical vocals and writing styles are pretty similar but it comes off very different because I’m a man. My sense of humor can be a lot more obvious in my music which throws some people off because they don’t know how to categorize me. Am I joking or do I actually believe this shit? Even I don’t know sometimes. I guess that’s all part of the fun.

What drives you?

I’m driven to create by the circumstances of my life at any given time. In a way I’m constantly writing a musical of my life instead of keeping a journal. Luckily my life is pretty dramatic so I have a steady stream of source material. The worst times for me artistically are when everything is pretty much “ok”.

I think I jumped out of the womb creating and performing. My first time onstage I was 3 years old and performing for 8,000 people at The Concord Pavilion for a 4th of July show with my parents. They are both performers and have written music, so I grew up thinking creating art is just what you do.

Chew Fu and I are currently writing and recording our second album. We’re pretty far along actually in terms of the volume of material. What makes this album different is that we’ve started working with co-writers, notably Maria Christensen (Waiting For Tonight) with plans to work with my dear friends Justin Tranter who has a number of songs in the top 10 right now and Celisse Henderson who is one of the most talented musicians I know and has yet to have her “break” but surely will. There’s a duet I’d love to work on with Gaga.

With the new album will come the same tireless performing schedule we adhered to on the first album. We have plans for another weekly residency in New York City, and would love to tour again.

Having just appeared as the opening act for Lady Gaga’s artRave Tour, Breedlove is an American singer, songwriter, and performance personality. In 2010, Breedlove was invited to open for Semi Precious Weapons on their North American Dirty Showbiz Tour. In 2011, he appeared in Gaga’s HBO special and in her video promotions for the VMA’s that same year. He became the Chief Ambassador for her Born This Way Foundation on the American leg of the associated Born This Way Ball. He is represented by William Morris Endeavor for musical theatre writing, and recently provided the music and lyrics for the new musical “Stu ForSilverton” which had a workshop production at Seattle’s Intiman Theatre and was included in last year’s NAMT festival. For the past 5 years he has produced a popular weekly event called “Magic Monday” at the infamous Rivington Street rock ‘n roll dive bar St. Jerome’s, where he performs his latest tunes with his DJ/producer Chew Fu and his dancer Jocelyn McBride. Breedlove’s debut album with Chew Fu, entitled Magic Monday, is currently available on iTunes, and a video for the first single, Sex O’ Clock, was released in the Summer of 2015.