AMM on The Art of Inspiration and Philanthropy with How You Glow

Jeff Krauss: How did you come up with the idea for How You Glow?

Tara: How You Glow came to be through our desire to explore the vibrancy surrounding us — everything from delicious food, to inspiring people, cool and innovative brands, cutting edge wellness, fulfilling travel, nourishing books, natural beauty products and more. I’m a trained natural foods chef, holistic nutritionist, and yoga teacher; Jessie is a yoga teacher and art therapist; together we combine our expertise into How You Glow and share our quest for all things glow-related with our readers. We initially wanted to create a physical space but then decided to create a space online, a destination for all things GLOW.

JK: What was your inspiration behind it ? Was this a dream of yours turned reality?

Tara: We are perpetually inspired by feeling good and doing things that enhance our overall happiness. For us, healthy living means living a life of indulgences, movement, laughter, mindfulness, and truly doing thing things that make us happiest. It is absolutely a dream turned reality. I have always wanted to create a lifestyle brand that spans all the things I’m interested in, and most importantly sharing goodness with others. How You Glow has become a wonderful wealth of knowledge for vibrancy seekers, and it really is a dream come true.

JK: Tell me more about How You Glow and what its all about.

Tara: How You Glow is an online publication that delves into mine and Jessie’s approach to wellness. It’s not all about green smoothies and chia seeds (thought we do love them both), it’s also about indulging in the best cookies, incredible spas, inspiring entrepreneurs, innovative brands, our favorite monthly playlists, and lots more. We often collaborate with brands we really admire, creating exclusive capsule collections that we co-design. It’s a wonderful way to share something special with our audience.

JK: Are you aligned with any charities and if so which ones?

Tara: With all of our capsule collections we give part of our proceeds to charity. We have been extensively involved with CCFA, the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. As a Crohn’s patient, this is something very close to my heart. We have also recently aligned with A Window Between Worlds, and art therapy charity, which is also special to us as Jessie is an art therapist.

JK: What are your most passionate causes that you donate/ promote?

Tara: CCFA is near and dear to me because both me and my father have Crohn’s disease. I’m honored to be able to shed a light on this cause and hopefully inspire others with the disease to feel supported and comfortable to share as well.

JK: How does How You Glow intertwine the charities with the product?

Tara: With every product launch we clearly share our intent to share our proceeds with whatever charity we have aligned with. Our audience resonates with this aspect of our product collaborations. It’s not just about the products, it’s more than that and we are humbled to be able to share our proceeds to a cause.

JK: Are there any new projects your working on you can tell me about?

Tara: We recently launched a collaboration capsule collection with Donni Charm. It is a 6-piece line of accessories that truly add glow and vibrancy to everyday wear. Part of our proceeds on this project will benefit A Window Between Worlds art therapy non-profit.

JK: What is the ART of How You Glow and how do you feel it contributes to society as a whole?

Tara: The ART of How You Glow is the exchange of knowledge. We share our daily glow with our audience, our travels, and much of our personal exchanges with inspiring products and people we meet. How You Glow is our personal pursuits for vibrancy, which we put into an artful and beautiful story to share with our readers and hopefully enhance their lives too.

Photos taken by Lianna Tarantin for Sakara Life